What is a shrub?  Shrubs are sweetened vinegar-based syrups infused with fruit.  Shrub syrups were once used as a way to preserve fruit long after picking. 

Why drink vinegar? For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been believed to benefit the body in many ways such as weight loss, digestion, heart health, and help banish fatigue.  For us, we just think it tastes great. Consider it a grown up lemonade: refreshing, sweet, and a bit tart.

The Shrub Soda Company makes drinking shrubs easy. We've combined the best of Northern Michigan's fruit, organic apple cider vinegar, a bit of sugar with carbonated water to create this simple shrub soda.  That's it: Fruit + Vinegar + A Bit of Sugar + Bubbly Water.  No artificial flavors, no preservatives, no sodium.